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Client Spotlight: Gusto

Elevating a Top HR Management Platform to Rank #1 in 2023

Ranked #1 as the Best Overall Payroll Solution for small businesses (Business.org, 2023), Gusto is an HR management platform that provides SMBs with an all-in-one payroll, benefits, and HR solution.

With a customer base of over 300,000 businesses, Gusto has established itself as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and HR professionals seeking an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that can save them time and money. By simplifying HR tasks and empowering businesses to focus on their core operations, Gusto is enabling companies to thrive and grow in a chaotic world.

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Increase in Organic Traffic over 2 years

How Do You Attract More Customers While Delivering Value To Existing Clients?

In 2020, Gusto recognized that their customers were struggling with HR compliance issues, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and were searching for helpful resources online.

In order to address this pain point & serve their customers to the fullest, Gusto partnered with Carter & Custer to create keyword-rich, well-researched, and timely content that would provide value to their customers. Leveraging existing content, such as webinars & product demos, the C&C team turned these resources into longform articles and informative guides.

The result was two-fold — not only did these articles provide reliable, informative content for their existing customers, but they also attracted a significant amount of organic traffic & leads through the use of targeted keywords and linking strategies.

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The C&C Approach:

Repurpose Webinar Content ➡︎  Target Google Keywords ➡︎ Boost Organic Traffic & Leads

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words written & 300+ articles published

1 - Repurpose Existing Content

Using Gusto’s extensive library of webinars, demos, and educational content, we repurposed videos into written, long-form articles. From 2020 to 2022, we wrote & published 305 articles, resulting in over 500,000 words of engaging, keyword-rich content.

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Google Keywords Targeted

2 - Strategically Target Keywords

Google loves long-form written content, but to boost your organic search traffic, using strategic keywords is a MUST. That’s why we researched & targeted trending keywords for each article, based on Gusto’s audience and what they were already searching for. In total, we targeted over 1,700 keywords, including them within article titles, headings, and URLs so that Google knew Gusto was providing tremendous value.

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Increase in Organic Traffic

3 - Refresh Content with Interlinking

Our strategic plan didn’t end with publishing. As these articles went live on the Gusto website, we linked out to other published Gusto articles that were relevent within each article. By doing so, we built a healthy web of interlinking within their site, which boosted their Google rankings & provided a better user experience. 

The end result was groundbreaking. Gusto saw a 180% increase in organic traffic – meaning that 180% more people had found Gusto on their browser while searching for answers about payroll, HR, accounting, and more. 

Ryan Quiel

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Ryan Quiel

Acquisition Product Manager, Gusto

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