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Client Spotlight: Lewis Howes

Taking a Top 50 iTunes Podcaster to Even Greater Heights

Lewis Howes is a New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, 2x All-American athlete, and host of the wildly popular podcast The School of Greatness.

Since the show’s launch in January 2013, The School of Greatness podcast has grown rapidly to be one of the top-ranked Business and Self-Development podcasts in iTunes. It regularly appears in the Top 50 of all iTunes podcasts and has over 400 million downloads worldwide.

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How do you turn up the volume on a life-changing community?

With over 250,000 subscribers on Apple Podcasts and 2.8 million + subscribers on YouTube, The School of Greatness podcast shares inspiring interviews from the most influential people on the planet to inspire you to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

Still, Lewis wanted more for his audience. He wanted the podcast to be more than just something you listen to on your way to work. He wanted The School of Greatness to be a community where you could learn, engage, and be inspired by world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and the arts.

Lewis and his team came to us for help, and we delivered with a simple 4-step plan: create long-form content, optimize his website, boost his authority, and increase organic traffic.

The C&C Approach:

Original Long-form Content ➡︎  Trending Google Keywords ➡︎ Higher Traffic and Increased Engagement

Improves Traffic ➡︎  Creates Impact ➡︎ Generates Revenue

Lewis Howes Case Study
Published 110 Articles in Just 12 Months

1 - Create Long-Form Content

In just one year of Traffic Multiplier, we published 110 articles and over 256,000 words of original, long-form content. Our content strategy breathed new life into Lewis’ greatest hits — from Kevin Hart to Brené Brown — and highlighted his newest episodes to keep the organic traffic coming!

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2 - Optimize His Website

With over 1,000 podcast episodes and counting, Lewis’ website is complex, containing multiple pages of long-form articles, video, images, and other media. To encourage user engagement, we increased his site loading speed and made it mobile-friendly, giving it the structure and speed necessary to make a lasting impression.

Lewis Howes Case Study
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3 - Boost His Authority

In each of our long-form articles, we included trending keywords that his audience was already searching for. Due to our emphasis on search engine optimization, lewishowes.com gained double the amount of clicks (users interacting with the site) and triple the amount of impressions (users finding the site).

What if you didn’t have to go out and find your audience, but your audience went out and found you through Google instead?

We helped Lewis do just that through our long-form articles and keyword strategy. The best news is that this traffic is growing everyday!

Lewis Howes

"Jim I'll always think highly of because he's always very generous with his conversations when he reaches out and when he's on team calls. He's always thinking about how he can help.

I just had an interaction with another agency and I had the complete opposite interaction, one that left me feeling not so good about the relationship with that agency...  but Jim will get back to you within 24-48 hours, and he speaks kindly and he goes the extra mile."

Lewis Howes

Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

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