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Done-For-You Mighty Networks Services for Community-Focused Brands

We are growth & marketing experts here to help you build, manage, and market engaged online communities to support your people, products, and services.

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Who It's For

Our Clients

The most loyal customers aren’t loyal to brands — they’re loyal to the communities that exist around those brands.

Work With Us

Step 1: Let's Plan it!

Let Us Help Answer Questions and Guide You with Strategy

Think of us as your resource for everything community management. Gain access to our knowledge of Mighty Networks and the strategy we recommend for you to grow your community at any stage.

Step 2: Let's Build It!

Our Done-For-You Services Will Bring Your Idea to Life

We don’t just give you strategy – we build the platform completely for you. Everything from platform configuration to integrations to launch planning and more, we can do all the execution work for you!

Step 3: Let's Run It!

Take the Stress Out of the Day-to-Day with Management Services

Take your business to the next level by partnering with us to manage your community systems and engagement, and grow your brand with expert business operations.

Step 4: Let's Grow It!

Scale your Community with Marketing Execution Services

Engage with your members and reach new audiences with comprehensive marketing services tailored to your needs. From content creation to email marketing, SEO, landing pages, paid ads and more, we’ve got you covered!*

Types of Communities We Build

Our Expertise

We’ve worked with a range of clients, from individuals to large multi-national corporations, to build community-focused memberships, courses, coaching programs, products and other knowledge assets that increase customer reach, business profit, and overall impact.

✓ Purpose, mission, and vision

✓ Customer identification + attraction

✓ Customer conversion + sales

✓ Customer engagement + retention

✓ Monetization strategy

✓ Membership models


✓ Mighty Networks

✓ Content strategy 

✓ Launching + launch planning

✓ Community management

✓ Community growth

✓ Platforms + systems implementation



How it Works

Phase 1: Strategy & Support

  • 30-60 days of building, strategizing and optimizing for your launch

  • full strategy + execution plan developed with you at project kickoff and refined over additional meetings

  • bi-weekly project calls to maintain momentum on your project

  • customized training at project completion for you and your team

We learn how to best create a community that works FOR you instead of you working for your community. This involves us looking into all aspects of your business and how your community will add more value to what you already have to offer your people!

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Phase 2: Ongoing Support

  • monthly calls to review your community analytics and data for alignment to your strategy

  • daily moderation and engagement based on your specific content strategy

  • weekly + monthly content updates and uploads for courses and groups

  • continuous monitoring of Mighty Networks updates to keep your community up-to-date

Basically, we take the community we just helped you create (or a community you already have standing!) and give you more time to focus on doing what you love about your business. This is designed to help grow and scale your community with ease and works great in conjunction with our other Content Factory services.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Cat Golden, Founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses


The first phase really depends on how long it takes for us to dive into your goals and strategy for your community. We don’t usually take longer than 60 days, but for a comfortable build period and accomplish everything, we like to plan for any launch after 45 days.

Our second phase is a minimum 6 month commitment and allows us time to partner with you through your launch. We want to make sure all the systems and strategy continue to work for you as you navigate this new part of your business.

The C&C Leadership Team

We believe in the impact of exponential growth, and together we’re realizing the positive social change it’s creating.

Let’s make that impact together.

Jim Carter III

Chief Executive Officer

R.T Custer

Chief Revenue Officer

Heather Wickert


Hannah Barker

Director Of Content

Bella Risley

EA to R.T. Custer
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