Easy Steps to Better Email Deliverability

3 Easy Steps To Better Email Deliverability

Are you struggling with your email deliverability? You keep sending email to your customers or your team, but you’re just not seeing it get into inboxes or getting the open rates you deserve? I have 3 step-by-step tips that I know are going to drastically improve your email deliverability, so you can get your message out into the world.

  1. Make a list: I want you to start by making a list. By making this list, you’re thinking about all the different services that actually will send email on your behalf. This can be everything from a Mailchimp to an Infusionsoft to even just your CRM, something you use like HubSpot. Once you make this list, you can determine whether or not these emails are sending email on behalf of you, or if they’re coming from their own email address. Remember that the rating actually depends on the domain name that it’s coming from. So, for example, if I’m sending email from my own domain, JimCarter.me, but somebody else is doing it for me, email providers have to trust that that provider is set up correctly, and that leads me to step two.
  2. Check the technical configuration: Once you have this list, you can run through each of these individual services and just make sure that they’re technically set up correctly. Sometimes we get busy, we’re in a rush or somebody sets something up for us, and at that time maybe we miss a step or maybe it’s not just configured correctly anymore, because we had a change. So, what I want you to do is run through each of those service providers and make sure that everything is set up correctly. Because once we’re set up technically sound, we can move on to actually increasing the email deliverability rates.
  3. Clean house: A lot of times we think, we just don’t wanna delete email addresses that are perfectly good, even if they’re not adding any value to us. Well, if we had a fruit tree and that fruit tree just wasn’t actually producing any fruit, is it actually adding any value to us? It’s not, and the same thing goes for emails. So, if you have email addresses that are bouncing or they’re getting caught in spam constantly or they’re not opening anything, it’s okay to delete those emails. In fact, it’s encouraged and it’s the new gold standard in the industry, because the sooner that you can clean house by making that list, running through each of those services and finding which ones are set up correctly and then cleaning that list, making sure that you’re only sending out to the emails that are actually giving and adding value, you will start to see your email deliverability rates go through the roof. And that’s not just because of the ratio changing between the ones that don’t get delivered and the ones that do. It’s because the email service providers will notice that you’re sending emails to people who are actually opening them. They’re going to start popping emails out of the spam box and putting ’em right into the inboxes.

That’s it.

Those are the three things that I think are really going to help you with getting your email deliverability through the roof. There’s plenty more where that came from, and I have a free download for you.

You can download this free PDF, and you can go step by step with even more resources to just help you get those emails delivered into inboxes.

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