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Email marketing may seem dated to some, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and increase sales!

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Your audience wants to know more about you — give them what they want with email marketing that makes an impact!

Work With Us

Step 1: Let's Plan it!

We want to know more about you.

Your emails need a personal touch. That’s why we set up a discovery phase to learn more about you, your current email platform, and how we can maximize your email efforts. Once we learn more about your needs, we get to work on developing a messaging strategy that results in higher open rates and more clicks.

Step 2: Let's Build It!

Tell your story through engaging email content.

Collaboration is a must when creating email content people want to read. That’s why we take a “better together” approach to create emails for you. You outline what you want to say or provide content we can repurpose, and our skilled copywriting team will make your messages stand out in a crowded inbox.

Step 3: Let's Run It!

Give us your schedule, and we’ll make it happen.

Maintaining a good cadence is one of the most challenging parts of email marketing. We take the worry out of email distribution via automated email journeys and newsletters that reach your list exactly when you want them to. 

Step 4: Let's Grow It!

Bigger is better in the world of email marketing.

You’re not alone in deciphering statistics and growing your mailing list. We provide analytics resources and support you with quarterly status meetings that help maximize your email marketing potential.

Types of Emails We Create!

You can reach 10x more people through email, and Message Multiplier can make it happen consistently.

Our Expertise

We’ve worked with a wide range of personal brands, companies, and non-profits to build their online presence through engaging email journeys and newsletters that make an impact!

Purpose, mission, and vision

Audience identification + attraction

Audience engagement + retention

Content strategy

Brand strategy

Campaign monitoring

Email account management

Mailing list growth

Email marketing analytics advice

Custom-built email journeys

Engaging newsletters

Platforms + systems selection

Platforms + systems implementation

Campaign Monitor




Active Campaign


How it Works

Phase 1 (45-60 Days from Start Date)

  • Kick Off Call & Strategy Session

  • 10 emails  are included in the setup journey — or you can choose to do 2 separate journeys with 5 emails each

  • We update or create a new journey design template for you

  • Journey emails are configured in email software & timing cadence established

  • Standard Operating Procedures Creation: Custom brand voice document, email staging SOP, email configuration & scheduling SOP

Long story short, for an upfront fee of less than $5k, we spend the better part of 2 months learning how to best serve you with email marketing and grow your reach with written, visual content. This involves aligning our writing style to your brand voice, designing beautiful on-brand email templates, many conversations with you to obtain feedback and refine the process, and building out a long term strategy and literal “playbook” for you!



Phase 2: (Ongoing with 6-Month Commitment)

  • 4 weekly emails per month (one email per week): Weekly email can be a standard newsletter or specific service launch and event emails like promotions and periodic opportunities

  • Your own client portal! You can review email copy, provide feedback, and access all key documents through our personalized client portal

  • Monthly review sent via email to discuss content progress

  • Quarterly Email Strategy meeting to discuss email performance and list-building opportunities

Basically, we write and send one beautiful email per week all for you, without you needing to worry about a thing!. This content is designed and written to grow your brand, and promote your products or services, but it’s also fun and engaging when your customers and followers decide to dive in and read it!

We built this service for people creating regular, ideally weekly content like a podcast, YouTube show, etc.


AD-HOC Emails (available upon request): $500 per additional email

  • Need more than 4 emails a month? No worries! Ad-hoc emails are available upon request and will be billed for in the following month

What Our Clients Are Saying

Cat Golden, Founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses

Interested in a Deep Dive?

Are you wondering where to begin with email marketing, or does your current strategy need an overhaul? Maybe you have an idea that just needs brainstorming before building out detailed email journeys. Or maybe you need ideas on how to increase the size of your email list before you begin your marketing campaign. Whatever it may be, let us help you jumpstart your email marketing with a Message Multiplier Deep Dive!

Only $1,500!


The first phase really depends on how long it takes for us to dive into your goals and strategy for your email goals. We estimate the 45-60 day range for iterations of the emails plus time for communication back and forth.

Our second phase is a minimum 6 month commitment and allows us time to partner with you through this new journey. We want to make sure all the systems and strategy continue to work for you as you navigate this new part of your business.

Set up a free Discovery Call today to discuss your email marketing goals and how we can help you achieve them!

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We believe in the impact of exponential growth, and together we’re realizing the positive social change it’s creating.

Let’s make that impact together.

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