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Here’s a secret — your biggest customer is actually Google.

You will make a greater impact when you produce high-quality content that’s optimized for search engines. Our Traffic Multiplier service is the way to break through the internet static & turn up the volume on your brand!

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It’s your dream to expand your audience — it’s our job to turn that dream into reality.

Work With Us

Step 1: Let's Plan it!

Let Us Help Answer Questions and Guide You with Strategy

Think of us as your dedicated copywriting & SEO team to finally get consistent . You have great ideas for sharing your content with your audience, and we have the experience to turn those ideas into actionable steps that grow your brand. We’ll help you optimize your message through a detailed brand survey and mini-site audit to ensure your new content fosters exponential growth.

Step 2: Let's Build It!

Our Traffic Multiplier Services Tell YOUR Story

We don’t just put words on a page for you — we collaborate with you to ensure we are telling your brand’s story the right way, and we also grab Google’s attention by identifying trending keywords related to your brand.  You want people to know the “why” behind your brand, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Step 3: Let's Run It!

Take the Stress Out of Publishing Content

You’ve got enough on your plate as you build your brand. Our publishing services eliminate the worry of consistent content delivery by doing it for you. We stage and publish your articles to your current website, so the process stays worry-free!

Step 4: Let's Grow It!

Leverage Your Content to Achieve Exponential Growth

We play the long game regarding SEO and site growth, which means writing your articles is only part of the story. Data tells a story too! Each article includes detailed SEO research before writing and quarterly performance analysis to ensure your articles continue to make an impact after they’re published. 

Types of Articles We Create!

Our Expertise

We’ve written over 2.5 million words and 680+ articles for clients, from individuals to large multi-national corporations, to build their online presence through high-quality, long-form, SEO-optimized content that makes an impact!

✓ Purpose, Mission, and Vision

✓ Audience Identification + Attraction

✓ Audience Engagement + Retention

✓ SEO Strategy

✓ Content Strategy

✓ Audience Growth

✓ Platforms + Systems Implementation

✓ Major Website Platforms

✓ Publishing Services

✓ Blog Management 

How it Works

The First Month

  • Brand Alignment & Keyword Research 

  • We Set-Up the first 2-4 Articles (minimum of 1500 words, maximum of 2500) for your review

  • Article Feedback Round, we work on edits until it’s ready

  • Standard operating procedures creation: Writing & Keyword SOP, Custom Brand Voice Document, Publishing SOP
We learn how to best serve you with words and grow your organic reach with written, SEO-optimized content. Phase 1 involves aligning our writing style to your brand voice, many conversations with you to obtain feedback and refine the process, and building out a long-term strategy and literal “playbook” for you!

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Every Other Month

  • 4-8 articles written, optimized, & published per month (additional articles are always available for add-on pricing)

  • Your own client portal! You can review articles, provide feedback, and access all essential documents through your portal

  • Done-for-you service on auto-pilot

Basically, we write and post one to two pieces of content per week all for you, without you needing to lift a finger. This content is design and written to grow your organic reach from an SEO standpoint but is also fun and engaging when your customers and followers decide to dive in and read it!

We built this service for people creating regular, ideally weekly content like a podcast, YouTube show, etc. If you aren’t producing regular content, no worries! Check out our Original Content service instead!

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AD-HOC Articles (available upon request):

  • Need more articles than 4 a month? Not a problem! Ad-hoc articles are available upon request and will be billed for in the following month
  • Ad-hoc pricing includes both writing & publishing

Don’t Have Any Content to Repurpose?

We’ve got you covered. Our talented copywriting & SEO team has the right ingredients to take your ideas and create impactful, long-form content for your brand from scratch. Check out what we’ve done for greatness.com below!


The first phase really depends on how long it takes for us to dive into your goals and strategy for your SEO and blogs. We estimate the 45-60 day range for iterations of your articles and the time it takes to communicate back and forth.

Our second phase is a minimum 6 month commitment and allows us time to partner with you through this new journey. We want to make sure all the systems and strategy continue to work for you as you navigate this new part of your business.

Set up a Discovery Call today to discuss your audience growth goals and how we can help you achieve them!

The C&C Leadership Team

We believe in the impact of exponential growth, and together we’re realizing the positive social change it’s creating.

Let’s make that impact together.

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Chief Executive Officer

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